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lolita_laura's Journal

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Hi, I'm Laura! 18, live in the UK. I love all styles of Japanese fashion and dress in Lolita and Gyaru mostly. I would love to expand my wardrobe to be able to wear lots more style too, like Fairy Kei, Dolly Kei, Mori Girl and Cult Party Kei. I mostly only use LiveJournal for buying and selling items in communities. I have an online store called 8th Sin Creations where I sell handmade jewellery, accessories and clothing that I have made! I have been doing it for 4 years and make items for Goth, Lolita, Punk, Gyaru, Fairy Kei and other alternative fashion styles. Please check me out at www.8thsincreations.co.uk! I also have a fashion, beauty and personal blog at www.geishababy.blogspot.co.uk!

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